Best Baby Shower Gift in India 2023

What are the best baby shower gifts? How much do you spend on a baby shower gift? What do you get moms for a baby shower?

You have heard the good news of someone close to you being pregnant. You have been invited to attend the baby shower. But, you find yourself wondering what should be your next course of action. So, you try to find the answers to the above questions.

Now that we have read your mind, we will be happy to help you. So, we will share with you the best baby shower gift ideas. Also, we will present some of the best online baby shower gifts. Besides, you will also know the importance of a baby shower. So, let us get the cat out of the bag.

Best Baby Shower Gifts Online in India 2023

This section of the article provides information on best baby shower gifts available online in India. Read the reviews and product summaries to make an informed decision.

1. Aica Gifts My First Year Photo Frame

This adorable photo frame is an ideal baby shower gift. Also, it is reasonably priced.

  • Size: Height 21 x Width 42 x Depth 3 cm
  • Blue Color
  • Acrylic Frame
  • Holds 12 pictures

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2. Sehaz Artworks Baby Love Scrapbook Photo Album (22 cm x 16 cm x 4 cm)

This wooden photo album is one of the best baby shower gifts. It is an affordable and attractive photo album that new parents can enjoy to cherish their memories.

  • Size: 26 x 16 x 4 cm
  • 30 Pages
  • Material: Wood

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3. Babies Bloom Round Iron Box Baby Hand Foot Print Frame Baby Souvenir Gift

Every parent wishes to cherish the memories of their baby’s first year. This unique baby shower gift will surely delight the would-be parents.

  • Material: Iron
  • Size: 20 x 16.5 x 3.5 cm
  • Hand/Footprint: 16 x 16 cm
  • Clay
  • Tested by Dermatologists

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4. SHOPPOWORLD Round Baby Tub Bed with 5 Multi Shaped Pillows Set

This cute looking bed is super soft for newborn babies. Also, it is of high-quality fabric.

  • Sleeping Baby Tub Bed
  • Smooth Curves
  • Material: Rayon Cotton
  • Lightweight
  • 5 Pillows
  • Washable Material

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5. Johnson’s Baby Care Collection Baby Gift Set (10 Pieces)

Johnson’s is a trusted brand. So, a gift set of Johnson’s baby products is an ideal baby shower gift.

  • Powder
  • Cream
  • Baby Oil
  • Hair Oil
  • Lotion
  • Comb
  • Wet Wipes
  • Johnson’s Baby Bath Liquid Soap
  • Cotton Romper
  • Baby Milestone Book

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6. The Moms Co. 7 in 1 Natural Stretch Bio Oil (100 ml) and Natural Body Butter (100 g)

The Mom’s Co. is famous for its natural products. This skincare kit prevents stretch marks. Thus, it is one of the best baby shower gifts.

  • The Mom’s Co. Oil for Stretch Marks
  • The Mom’s Co. Body Butter for Stretch Marks
  • Parabens free
  • Free from Sulphates
  • Fragrances free
  • Natural Ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Coconut oil, Almond Oil

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7. Little One’s 6 Shelves Folding Wardrobe

This easy-to-carry wardrobe is a useful item. Also, it has fabric material. Thus, it is safe to use.

  • Folding Wardrobe
  • Material: Fabric
  • 6 Shelves
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Carry
  • No Sharp Corners
  • Easy to Wash
  • 4 Wheels
  • Easy to Install
  • 360 Degree Movement

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8. DearJoy Baby Play Gym with Mosquito Net and Baby Bedding Set

This baby gym is an affordable and attractive baby product. Also, it has got amazing reviews online.

  • Size: 70 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm
  • Material: Cotton
  • Easy to Wash
  • Hanging Toys
  • Mosquito Net

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9. My Newborn Baby Wrapper Blanket Daily Use Gift Hamper Set (5 Pieces)

This Gift Hamper is full of useful baby products. Also, the quality and the price of this product make it an ideal baby shower gift.

  • Shearing Velvet
  • 2-Ply Fleece
  • Fleece
  • Fleece with Border
  • Shawl
  • Easy to Wash

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10. Baby’s First Year Journal Baby Record Book

This Baby Record Book allows the new parents to record their baby’s special events and pictures. Also, the rate of this product is reasonable.

  • Baby Record Book
  • Space for Photos
  • A Pocket for special things

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What is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is famously known as God Varai in India. Yet, different regions in India may have different names for this function. It is celebrated 4 to 8 weeks before the delivery date of the baby. People celebrate a baby shower to convey their best wishes to the expectant mother. In a traditional baby shower ceremony, close family members come to bless the would-be mom with gifts. It is generally hosted by the pregnant lady’s mom. Besides, the would-be mom gets to eat her favorite dishes at this ceremony.

But, the baby shower parties have changed a lot over the years. It is no more a close-knit family affair. People take this as a grand celebration and invite friends and colleagues. They host theme parties. So, you can get special baby shower decoration items in the market.

What happens at a baby shower party?

In the modern age, baby shower parties are thrown by close friends of the would-be parents. Also, close relatives can throw the baby shower party. They decorate the venue with baby shower decoration items. Mom-to-be sits and enjoys being showered with baby shower gifts. There can be music and DJ. At the end of the party, everyone receives a Thank You card. Sometimes, the party can only be meant for ladies. But, it totally depends on personal preferences.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents in India 2023

In this section, I have provided a list of best baby shower gifts for new parents in India based on my research.

ImageList of Best Baby Shower Gifts
1. Aica Gifts My First Year Photo Frame
2. Sehaz Artworks Baby Love Scrapbook Photo Album
3. Babies Bloom Hand & Foot Print Frame Baby Gift Set
4. SHOPPOWORLD Baby Tub Bed with 5 Pillows Set
5. Johnson’s Baby Care Baby Gift Set (10 Pieces)
6. The Moms Co. 7-in-1 Gift Set
7. Little One’s 6 Shelves Folding Wardrobe
8. DearJoy Baby Play Gym & Baby Bedding Set
9. My Newborn Baby Blanket Gift Hamper Set
10. Baby’s First Year Journal Baby Record Book
List of Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents in India

What are the best baby shower gift ideas?

A baby shower is a vital event for a woman. It always means special to receive best wishes and blessing before the arrival of a baby. Yet, it becomes tough for the guests when it comes to best baby shower gift ideas. But, we have made this decision easier for you. We have come up with some of the best baby shower gift ideas. Find them below.

18 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas in India

1. Ladies Skincare Products or Set

You can get a wide range of skincare kits for pregnant women. They have moisturizer, anti-stretch mark cream or body oil in this kit. Most of these products are of natural products. Thus, they are safe for expectant mothers. The Mom’s Co and Earth Mama offer skincare products for pregnant women.

2. Aromatherapy Set

Some essential or aromatic oils have great benefits for pregnant women. Lavender and Chamomile can be safely used to enhance their mood. You can get a set of aromatic oils. Also, you can get either an electrical diffuser or a clay burner with them.

3. Maternity Clothes

There are varieties of maternity clothes that are comfortable and soft to use. You can get dresses, pajamas, shirts, jersey set and many more. There are famous maternity clothes brands like Shoppers Stop, MomToBe, FirstCry, and Zivame, etc.

4. Baby Safety Products

Baby safety products are unique gift ideas. You can get Cabinet Lock, Door Knob Safety Cover, and Stair Gate, etc. There are many options to choose from online. Also, you can gift a Baby Video Monitor.

5. Cushion Set

You can get soft cushions of various sizes and shapes. There are sweet messages printed on them, for example, Cheer Up Would-be Mommy, Wish Happiness to the New Parents, etc. These cushion sets lift the spirit of the would-be parents.

6. Personalized Gifts (Mug, Photo Frame)

You can give personalized gifts as baby shower gifts. You can get some pictures of the would-be parents on coffee mugs or photo frames. Also, you can write a personalized message on the coffee mugs.

7. Feng Shui Items

Feng Shui items as baby shower gifts are one of the best options. These items bring good luck and prosperity. Green Onyx beads will boost the confidence of the would-be mom. Laughing Buddha, Crystal Ball, and Wind Chime bring positivity in the house. Also, there are Feng Shui- Tree, and Mandarin Ducks.

8. Baby Photo Cards

Baby Photo Cards or Milestone Cards are used after the baby is born. Each card has the number of weeks or months on it that represents the baby’s age. For example, 1 week, 6 months, etc. New parents can use these cards while taking their baby’s pictures.

9. Baby Scrapbook

Baby Scrapbook lets the would-be mom record every detail of her baby. She can paste pictures on it and write about special events. Baby scarp book is also called the memory book of the baby.

10. German Silver Bowl Set

German silver bowl set can come in a set of 2 or 4 or 6 bowls. These sets may or may not have spoons. These are available at reasonable rates. Also, some people even prefer giving original silver bowl set.

11. Baby Hand & Foot Print Frame

These are unique and special baby shower gifts. There is a frame that comes with impression material. These materials are safe for infants. So, parents can take their baby’s hand and foot impression and frame them.

12. Framed Wall Hangings / Photo Frames / Photo Albums

There are adorable wall hangings with cute captions on them. Also, you can get superb photo frames in different sizes. Besides, you can attractive photo albums to the would-be parents. These are very popular baby shower gift ideas.

13. Baby Toys

You can also give Baby Toys to would-be parents. You can buy Soft Toys, Brick Sets, Teether Sets, and other toys suitable for small infants. Also, you can opt for battery-operated toys that can get the infants’ attention.

14. Baby Clothing / Bathing Set / Baby Bedding Set

Baby Clothing or bathing set are very common baby shower gifts. You can create a baby shower basket and gift clothes and bathing set in it. Baby Clothing set may include baby dress, mittens, socks, towels, caps, and towels. Baby Bathing Set may have baby towels and baby wrappers.

15. Diaper Bag

Diaper Bags are necessary for all new parents. So, a diaper bag is one of the best baby shower gift ideas. You can get many branded diaper bags online and in the market.

16. Baby Gym

Baby Play Gyms are very attractive play station for the babies. These are play mats with hanging toys and other fun stuff. Some baby gyms come with a mosquito net.

17. Baby Care Sets

Baby Care sets come with baby cream, lotion, oil, baby wipes, and other items. These are useful baby products for new parents. So, baby care set as a baby shower gift can cheer the would-be parents.

18. Baby Bedding Set

Baby Bedding Sets are ideal baby shower gifts. This includes a baby mattress, pillows, side pillows, and a blanket. Also, some bedding sets may have a mosquito net.

Final Talk – Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas in India 2023

All in all, a baby shower gift has to be something useful and heart-touching. So, get some baby shower gift ideas for your closed ones by thinking about her taste and choices. All the gifts mentioned above are the most popular baby shower gifts online. If you are still in a dilemma for choosing a baby shower gift, then find below our recommendations.

Here’s a list of Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas in India.

If you want to know more about baby products, feel free to get in touch with us.

FAQs on Baby Shower Gifts for Mothers

Can you give cash at a baby shower?

Yes, you can give cash as baby shower gifts.

Who pays for a baby shower?

The hostess pays for a baby shower. Traditionally, it is the responsibility of the would-be mom’s mother. But, if a friend or relative is hosting the baby shower, he or she can pay for it.

Do fathers attend baby showers?

Fathers generally do not attend the traditional baby showers. But, the concept is changing now. In modern society, fathers can attend the baby shower party.

Does baby shower theme have to match nursery?

You can opt for a baby shower theme to match the nursery. This helps the guests bring gifts as per the baby’s nursery. But, there is no strict rule for this.

Do you serve alcohol at a baby shower?

A traditional baby shower does not permit alcohol to be served. Yet, you can serve alcohol at baby shower parties. This depends on the would-be parents and the host.

Is it OK to throw your own baby shower?

Would-be mom’s mother throws the baby shower at her home. Also, a friend or relative generally throws a baby shower. But, in case a person has no one to throw a baby shower, she can throw it herself.

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