Hybrid Cloth Diapers for Babies in India 2023

What are hybrid cloth diapers? How they are different from modern cloth diapers? Which diaper brand in India sells hybrid cloth diapers?

This blog post aims at answering all the above questions. Additionally, it covers the benefits of using hybrid cloth diapers, downside of modern cloth diapers, where to buy hybrid diapers, etc.

Let’s get into the details …

Cloth Diapering – An Age-old Tradition in India

For centuries Indian grandmothers and mothers have been relying on cloth in the form of old cotton saris or other safe cotton fabrics for newborn babies. Such type of diapering is traditional and partially safe. In focusing on the internal safety of a newborn baby we always consider diapers as an important part. And the diapering journey for a newborn begins with pieces of soft pure cotton materials from our own wardrobe, washed several hundred times to remove all chemicals, and then made into simple cloth diapers. This has been our tradition that we have carried forward from generations.

But traditions take time and the commitment of effort, both of which are in short supply in our busy world today. With the advent of nuclear family set up and the internet, traditions morphed into more modern, efficient and convenient solutions to daily chores. And this is how was born the idea of Modern Cloth Diapers.

Modern cloth diapers have become a new rage in the market for mothers looking for “Eco-friendly” natural diapering. With a well thought out fabric in polyesters and cotton blends, and a unique design that seemed to provide full coverage. These seemed a tab better than the regular “Langots” we were used to in our grandmother’s times. For moms fed up with issues of rashes due to chemicals in disposable diapers, these were supposed to be a welcome break.

About Bdiapers

Bdiapers (previously known as Bum Chum Diapers) is an Indian company that provides green cloth diapering solution. It is 100% “Make in India” hybrid cloth diaper brand for babies. Bdiapers have introduced India’s first hybrid cloth diapers which are organic, disposable, safe for the Earth and your baby. Bdiapers produce India’s first rash free, leak proof hybrid cloth diapers with Eco-friendly disposable nappy pads.


What is a Hybrid Cloth Diaper?

Hybrid cloth diapers are simply cloth shell covers with disposable or reusable inserts. The cover, which can be of different materials, is like the underwear, while the absorbent pad or the “insert”, washable or disposable, is the actual diaper. These diapers sit on the spectrum between a disposable and a cloth diaper, hence the word “hybrid”.

Hybrid cloth diapers are easier and more convenient as sometimes the cloth covers are designed in a 2-part system that help separate the “cloth” from the “diaper” making it as close to a disposable (yet it isn’t completely). The fabric of the cloth covers are sometimes light weight and cotton with or without a PUL coating which allows the fabric to have a lot of “give” making it comfortable and airier than any other regular cloth diaper. The hybrid diapers have “pouches” that hold the reusable or disposable inserts. These pouches are fully waterproof and unlike plastic they not “crack” over several hundreds of washes. Hybrid diapers seemed carefully designed with a focus on “safety” and comfort.


Where to Buy Hybrid Cloth Diapers in India?

You can buy Bdiapers hybrid diapers in India either from Amazon.in or Bdiapers.in.

Product Description:

  • India’s first hybrid cloth diaper
  • Size Availability : S to XL
  • Eco-friendly; safe for the Earth
  • Made from nontoxic, bleach free, plant based fibre
  • High Absorbency
  • Comes with 15 chemical-free disposable soaker (inserts or disposable nappy pads)
  • Bdiaper washable inserts are available as well
  • Each bio soaker insert is a diaper in itself and can hold anywhere between 3-4 hours without leaking
  • Attractive designs & prints
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Ideal for baby’s sensitive skin
  • Fragrance & dye free hence hypoallergenic








Hybrid Cloth Diapers in India – Conclusion

Baby diapering has come a long way; from soft cotton cloth to langots and then cloth diapers. Bdiapers have introduced the concept of hybrid cloth diapers that can hold a reusable and disposable insert. Such hybrid diapers offer high absorbency and can hold anywhere between 3-4 hours without leaking.

We highly recommend Bdiapers hybrid cloth diapers as they are Eco-friendly, chemical free, non-toxic and made from plant based fibre. These are available in attractive designs & prints in sizes S to XL.

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