Best Baby Monitors in India 2023

In this article, provides deep insight on best baby monitors video & audio available online in India.

Baby monitors in India are becoming an essential part of parenthood for modern age parents.

As a new parent, it is very natural for you to be completely paranoid about your baby’s safety. You want be with your baby 24×7 to make sure that your baby is safe.

However, it is not actually possible for you to do so as you might have to take care of other important activities like household chores, office work, and social gatherings, etc.

Baby monitors work like magic devices as they send you alarms when your baby starts crying or feeling uncomfortable when you are not around with him or her.

Best Video / Audio Baby Monitors in India 2023

This section of the article provides information on best video / audio baby monitors in India. Read the reviews and product summaries to make an informed decision.

#1. HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision & Temperature Sensor

HelloBaby video baby monitor has some of the best features and that is the reason it is on top of our reviews list.

Salient Features

  • Night vision
  • 3.2 inch TFT LCD
  • Temperature alarm and display
  • Two-way communication
  • Lullaby playing feature
  • Low power warning
  • Zoom-in and out facility
  • No signal warning
  • Ability to be paired with up to 4 cameras
  • Automatic VOX power saving mode
  • Eight levels of alarms
  • Li-ion battery charging feature

Things we liked

  • Night vision of this video baby monitor
  • 3.2 inch LFD for a clear view
  • Two-way communication feature helps to soothe a crying baby with parents talking on the other side
  • Light weight and easy to carry

Things we didn’t liked

  • Lithium-ion battery operated
  • Non-availability of warranty

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#2. VTech Audio Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units – DM223-2

VTech is a popular imported brand in the market known for their electronic products at reasonable prices with warranty.

Salient Features

  • DECT 6.0 digital technology
  • Range of up to 1,000 feet
  • Vibrating sound
  • Night light
  • Two-way communication
  • 2 parent units
  • Low power warning
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Belt clip facility
  • 1 year warranty

Things we liked

  • DECT feature eliminate any unwanted noise
  • Two-way communication feature to soothe a crying baby
  • 1 year warranty
  • Reasonable Rate
  • Rechargeable battery makes it cost-effective

Things we didn’t liked

  • None

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#3. Safety 1st Sure Glow Audio Baby Monitor (2 Receivers)

Safety 1st audio monitor has some good simple features that fulfills major requirements of the parents.

Salient Features

  • Analog (49 MHz)
  • 4 channels which help in reducing interference
  • Range of up to 600 feet
  • Convertible belt clips
  • Volume control feature
  • Low Power Indicator

Things we liked

  • Analog feature
  • Low power indicator
  • Reasonable price

Things we didn’t liked

  • Outer body quality can be better

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#4. Motorola MBP481 Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2-Inch Color Display

Motorola does not need any introduction as a brand. They are expert in mobile device technology. This innovative video baby monitor is available with some awesome features.

Salient Features

  • 2-Inch video screen
  • Zoom-in and out facility
  • Night vision
  • High sensitivity feature of microphone
  • Range of up to 1000 feet
  • Out-of-Range alert
  • Low battery signal
  • LED sound level indicator
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 1 year warranty
  • Excellent battery life

Things we liked

  • 1 year warranty
  • Rechargeable battery makes it cost-effective
  • Night vision technology
  • Battery life of up to 5 hours
  • Lightweight; easy to carry

Things we didn’t liked

  • None.
motorola-mbp481-digital-video-baby monitor

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#5. Philips Avent DECT (SCD501/10) Baby Monitor in India

As you know, Philips is a trusted brand when it comes to electronic products. Philips Avent DECT baby monitors are quite popular as they come with best features at reasonable rates.

Salient Features

  • DECT Technology
  • Range of up to 300 meters outdoor and 50 meters indoor
  • Excellent battery life
  • Five sound-activated LED lights
  • Volume control feature
  • Battery operated
  • Warranty of 2 years
  • Out-of-Range alert
  • Low battery signal

Things we liked

  • DECT Technology ensures zero interference which provides clear sound
  • High quality material which makes it strong and durable
  • Easy to operate with 2 AA batteries
  • Reasonable Rate
  • Warranty of 2 years

Things we didn’t liked

  • A bit of static sound

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#6. iBaby Digital Baby Video Camera for iPhone & Android

iBaby offers modern video baby monitor with high technology features that enables you to connect it to your smartphone (iPhone or Android) or computer. It has tons of features.

Salient Features

  • 720 pixel HD video resolution
  • 360° turn option with 110° tilt
  • Night vision
  • Two-way communication for audio and video
  • Lullabies playing feature
  • Voice recording option
  • Easy to connect to smartphones and computers,
  • Easy to install
  • Motion & sound alerts
  • Unlimited user access

Things we liked

  • 360° turn option gives a clear view of the baby’s room
  • Easy to installs in less than a minute
  • Easy to connect to smartphones
  • Lullabies playing feature

Things we didn’t liked

  • Poor connectivity in the absence of an excellent Wi-Fi connection
  • Price is a bit high

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#7. Motorola Smart Nursery Cam (MBP87CNCT) Video Baby Monitor in India

This is one of the best portable video baby monitors by Motorola.

Salient Features

  • Portable rechargeable HD camera
  • Sound and motion alerts
  • Temperature & humidity alerts
  • Night Vision
  • Two-way communication
  • Lullabies playing feature
  • Easy to connect to smartphone
  • Li-on Battery operated
  • 1 year warranty

Things we liked

  • Full HD camera gives every minute details of your baby’s activity and expressions
  • Easy to connect to your smartphone
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring features
  • Two-way communication to soothe your baby instantly

Things we didn’t liked

  • Works at its best in the presence of an excellent Wi-Fi connection
  • Price is a bit high

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#8. VTech VM3261 Digital Video Baby Monitor in India

VTech VM3261 digital video baby monitor with audio and video option is another popular choice amongst the parents.

Salient Features

  • 2.8 inch LCD screen
  • Lullabies playing feature
  • Night vision
  • Range of 1000 feet
  • Temperature sensor feature
  • Two-way communication
  • Low power alert
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Volume control feature

Things we liked

  • 2.8 inch LCD screen gives  clear view
  • Rechargeable battery is cost-effective
  • Two-way communication
  • Easy to set up in a few seconds
  • Lullabies playing feature help to calm down a crying baby

Things we didn’t liked

  • Absence of mute button
  • Price is too high
  • Absence of proper zooming feature

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What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor (video and audio) is a very useful wireless gadget which consists of two parts, a transmitter and a receiver. You need to keep the transmitter in the baby’s room and the receiver with you. This way you become alert even with the slightest sound is made by the baby.

With the modern and innovative technology, you not only get to communicate with your baby through the baby monitor but also get to view your baby’s movements with the help of a video baby monitor.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are various types of baby monitors available online in India. Before you come to know the types of baby monitors, you need to first know the types of signals they transmit and how these signals affect the sound.

Baby monitors either use audio frequencies or Wi-Fi network to transmit signals.

There are four types of baby monitors based on their signal strength.

  • Analog – Analog baby monitor signals are not encrypted. Although have poor signals and can work properly within a specific range and comes at moderate rates.
  • Digital – This type of monitor provides signals which are encoded and are much more secure to use as they provide excellent sound quality.
  • Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) baby monitors – These are the most secure baby monitors which do not let the signal interfere with any noise and thus provide high quality sounds.
  • Wireless network monitors – These baby monitors work with the help of Wi-Fi which helps you to connect your computer or smartphone as a receiver.

Depending on the features (discussed in the above section) of baby monitors, they are divided into four types:

  • Audio Baby Monitors – These are the simple baby monitors that give signals of baby’s crying or other soft murmur sounds of the baby. These are cost-effective and available in both analog and digital models.
  • Audio and Video Baby Monitors – These baby monitors come with a camera with zoom facility. These help to monitor baby movements along with sound of the baby. Models with some add-on features like night vision technology, multiple camera options and online stream videos are also available in the market.
  • Baby Motion Monitors – These baby monitors alert the parents if there is a baby movement. With the features like tracking heart rate and pulse, these monitors help you to know if everything is okay with the baby.
  • Wearable Baby Monitors – A wearable baby monitor is a kind of motion monitor. You can easily strap this baby monitor on to your baby’s thigh or diaper. It vibrates if there is no motion detection in 20 seconds.

Salient Features – Baby Monitor

  • Safety features – It is very important for you to be fully aware of all the safety features you can avail in baby monitors. The safety features you should be checking out are:
    • Temperature sensor facility – This feature alerts you in case of any change in the temperature of the baby’s room and especially helpful in case the heater or the AC is turned on in the room.
    • Wireless Encryption facility – Wireless Encryption allows sending signals directly from the transmitter to the receiver without any interference. This ensures safety and security of your baby.
    • Motion and sound sensor feature – Some of the baby monitors not only catch the baby’s crying sound but also the sound made by the movement of the baby.
    • Sound activated Light feature – This feature will flash a light the moment your baby starts crying and is helpful in a room full of noise.
    • Night Vision Technology – Night Vision Technology is available in some video baby monitors. This feature allows you to monitor your baby clearly even if he or she is sleeping in a dark room.
    • Video and sound interference filters – This feature helps to provide clear sound and clear images for audio or video baby monitors. Proper sound activation is necessary as it can detect your baby’s cry and soft sounds without catching the sound of a fan or AC.
    • Clear screen – Large screen with high resolutions is necessary when opting for a video baby monitor.
    • Maximum Range Coverage – Make sure to check the range of baby monitor to make sure it fulfills your requirement especially if you are living in a big house or an apartment. Long range baby monitors are preferred.
    • Out-of-range indicator – This safety feature will alarm you in case you are beyond the range.
  • Soothing Features – Another important feature to look while buying baby monitors online.
    • Talk-back feature – This feature helps you to talk to your baby and soothe your baby in case he or she is crying.
    • Lullabies playing feature – Some baby monitors play lullabies to soothe the babies.
  • Usability – One should also consider how easy it is to operate baby monitors.
    • Easy to Operate – You should always go for the models you can easily operate and not too complicated to navigate the menu.
    • Rechargeable batteries – Baby monitors with rechargeable batteries is a great option as it is easy and cost-effective.
  • Price – Most of the baby monitors online are available at affordable rates. However, if you are looking for features like Night Vision Technology and/or Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) baby monitors, then the price might be a little higher.

Best Baby Monitors for Home in India 2023

To save your time, in this section I have provided a list of best baby monitors for home in India based on my research.

Baby MonitorsTypeMonitor Range
1. HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision & Temperature SensorVideo & Audio960 Feet
2. VTech Audio Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units – DM223-2Audio Only1000 Feet
3. Safety 1st Sure Glow Audio Baby Monitor (2 Receivers)Audio Only600 Feet
4. Motorola MBP481 Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2-Inch Color DisplayVideo & Audio1000 Feet
5. Philips Avent DECT (SCD501/10) Baby MonitorAudio Only400 Feet
6. iBaby Digital Baby Video Camera for iPhone & AndroidVideo & Audio1100 Feet
7. Motorola Smart Nursery Cam (MBP87CNCT) Video Baby MonitorVideo & Audio950 Feet
8. VTech VM3261 Digital Video Baby MonitorVideo & Audio1000 Feet
List of Best Baby Monitors for Home in India

Is Baby Monitor really necessary?

Baby monitor is extremely necessary for the babies in today’s busy world where parents have so many responsibilities to take care of. Below are the few reasons why a baby monitor is an essential item for babies:

  • Let’s you to take care of your errands without having to worry to check your baby every now and then.
  • Helps you to get some free time for yourself and thus keeps your mind tension-free and relaxed.
  • It is a very useful device for working parents as they can monitor the baby closely even being physically away from him or her.
  • Baby monitors with Night Vision Technology even helps to monitor your baby at night in case your baby is sleeping in a crib.

Is Baby Monitor safe to use?

Baby monitors are very safe to use with some easy safety precautions. You need to be aware of the safety features of baby monitor before buying it.

Final Talk – Best Baby Monitor Camera in India 2023

Although baby monitors are used widely abroad, Indian parents have started realizing the importance and benefits of this modern device. We have made it simple for you to buy baby monitors online in India at best prices by listing out the best products based on the baby monitor reviews.

Here’s the list of Best Baby Monitor Camera in India.

Do let us know which baby monitor did you purchase? Leave a comment so that others can reap the benefit as well.

FAQs on Video / Audio Baby Monitors

What precautions to take while using baby monitors in India?

You need to take few safety measures before using baby monitors.
1). Keep the monitor or power plugs away from baby’s hands and legs.
2). Try to look for baby monitors which are SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) safe.
3). Be extra cautious with your baby even with a highly advanced baby monitor.
4). Make sure to use a strong password in case you are using a baby monitor with encryption feature.

What is the maximum range a baby monitor can cover?

The longest range normally is between 1,000 to 2,000 feet with the best of baby monitors. Some baby monitors can even cover a range of up to 5,000 feet.

Is it very difficult to operate the wireless audio/video monitor?

No, not at all. Most of the baby monitors come with easy to follow instructions manual. You can follow the guidelines and start using it immediately.

Can I put the baby monitor in my baby’s crib?

No. It is always better to put the baby monitor away from your baby’s body. You can either put it on a wall-mount or a shelf.

Why do I hear a loud noise on the receiver of my baby monitor?

Your mobile phones or other electronic devices can interfere with the baby monitor to create static. There may be other various reasons like passing the maximum range, solid structures or walls between the transmitters and receivers or a poor connection.

How to avoid static on a baby monitor?

Buy a product which uses FM or Wi-Fi as they are known to have less static. Use good quality batteries and in case of rechargeable batteries check if they are well charged or not. Make sure to keep other electronic devices away from the baby monitor.

What is DECT enabled baby monitors?

DECT stands for Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication. These baby monitors do not let the signal interfere with any noise and thus provide high quality sounds.

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