Best Baby Shampoos in India 2023

What are the best baby shampoos available online in India?

Which are the mild shampoos for babies?

Are baby shampoos harsh on baby’s eyes?

What is no more tears formula?

These are some of the common questions that mothers think about. This article helps in answering such questions. Also, provides in-depth information on best baby shampoos available in India.

Let’s start reading to know more about baby shampoos …

To be a mother is never an easy job. You surely don’t want to compromise with the quality of the baby products. To select the right baby shampoo, one must look for a chemical-free solution. These should be mild on hair and eyes. At the same time, enhance hair growth and provide adequate hair nourishment. Parents must invest their time and money to make the right choice. Do not make haste decision.

Here’s the list of Best Baby Shampoos in India.

Best Baby Shampoos in India 2023

This section of the article provides information on best baby shampoos available online in India. Read the reviews and product summaries to make an informed decision.

1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo – 400 ml

Himalaya is one of the well-known brands that manufactures high quality baby products. That is not it, the company understands the baby needs and care. Keeping this in mind, Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo is one of the best shampoo available in India.


  • Perfect blend of vitamins, protein, and natural oils
  • Tear-free formula
  • It comes with the neutral and iso-lachrymal pH balance
  • Good mild fragrance
  • This baby shampoo is completely soap-free
  • There is more of a greasy feeling in the baby shampoo

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2. Mamaearth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo for Babies – 200 ml

Mamaearth Shampoo for Babies is safest and top-notch baby moisturizing and cleansing shampoo. Thanks to its perfect pH formula, this shampoo is hypoallergenic and has a delicate-fragrance. Due to this, it has been trending quite a lot in the market. It does not contain any mineral oil, parabens and even dyes and sulfates. 100% safe for babies.


  • Hypoallergenic and has a delicate-fragrance
  • 5.6 pH level
  • The shampoo has coconut cleansers and jojoba oil for nourishment
  • The Calendula extract ensures healing process
  • Removes dandruff
  • Clinically-tested
  • This baby shampoo does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • It has tear-free formula

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3. Sebamed Children’s Shampoo – 150 ml

For a newborn baby, they must get the utmost care. The same thing is needed in their bathing time as well. Sebamed Children’s Shampoo is a top-notch one that you can use for kids in the age group of 0-3 years. This German product comes with a composition that is extremely mild and matches perfectly to your sensitive scalp. Besides, this shampoo for babies has the ingredients that would match up with the soft hair and delicate scalp need.


  • This baby shampoo for hair growth has Chamomile for preventing the scalp from allergies
  • It comes with a no-tears composition
  • It nourishes the scalp and give the scalp a soft solution
  • Clinically-tested
  • Recommended by top Pediatricians
  • It comes with anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties

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4. Johnson’s Baby No More Tears Baby Shampoo – 500 ml

We all know how popular is Johnson’s. Suffice it to say this brand has been providing some of the best baby care products. Talking of which this baby shampoo has been clinically mildness proven. Soon, after using this shampoo you will find your kid’s healthy hair and scalp perfectly clean without any negative effects. It is a top-notch baby wash shampoo that is available in India. It is not just a shampoo for babies but there is also gentle care that your baby hair gets.


  • This baby shampoo has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties
  • It is free from chemicals
  • pH Balanced formula
  • It provides 100% gentle care and smoothly cleans
  • You get shiny and silky hair
  • The product is good for adult and baby both
  • You get five-level quality assurance

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5. Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo with Fruit Extracts – 500 ml

Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo gives more natural nourishment and meets the safety standards. This shampoo ensures that the child’s health and safety are well-taken care of. At the same time, the scalp and hair are properly cleansed and nourished. It has no tears formula. This baby hair scallop product comes with a mild formulation which ensures the hair gets cleansed without any damage.


  • Tested by Dermatologists
  • It is gentle and chemical-free
  • It has no tears formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It locks the natural oil of the hair keeping it shiny
  • Suitable for baby boys and girls

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6. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo – 400 ml

Baby Dove Shampoo is another trending shampoo which you can surely use for your little one. It ensures that hair and scalp stay clean with fragrance and your baby stays fresh too. The hair gets complete moisturization. Being chemical free baby shampoo, this product can let the hair grow at a faster pace. Not only this, the natural oil gets better locking and no dandruff issue. It is best for any type of skin. Ensures the hair of the baby stays healthy.


  • The composition is completely tear-free
  • Mild fragrance
  • Free of SLS and SLES
  • Free of Sulfates and Parabens
  • Provides complete moisturization
  • Best for daily use
  • Balanced pH product

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7. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Wash – 230 ml

Cetaphil is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of baby care products. This baby shampoo nourishes the scallop and makes the hair smoother. Also, makes sure there is no skin irritation. The natural ingredients present in this baby shampoo offers faster hair growth with good health. The shampoo focuses on nourishing the hair without causing any kind of drying or damage and has tear-free formula.


  • Results in soft baby hair
  • Contains Chamomile, Wheat, and Protein
  • It soothes and moisturizes hair and skin
  • Free from Parabens, Dyes, and Phthalates
  • It is a soap-free shampoo
  • No-tear formula
  • Low pH value; pH Balanced product
  • Hypoallergenic
  • You can use it babies and even newborns
  • It makes the skin and hair soft

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8. Mom & World Tear-Free Baby Shampoo – 200 ml

It’s mild and gentle deep essence formula is one of the purest amongst the rest. Mom & World Baby Shampoo makes the hair soft without any skin irritation. It retains moisture and nourishes the scalp. The fragrance of this baby shampoo is a perfect blend of Oat Extract, Almond Oil, and Wheatgerm Extract. These natural ingredients make the hair look shiny and healthy. It cleanses the hair without even making it dry. You can use this as a body wash solution too.


  • One of the best baby shampoos available in India
  • No-tear formula
  • It is mild and tested by dermatologists
  • Contains natural ingredients like Oat extract, Almond oil, Wheatgerm extract
  • It gives fresh fragrance
  • It offers smooth and healthy baby hair

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9. Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash – 473 ml

Without any presence of chemicals, this high-efficiency formula has plant-based enzymes and natural cleansers. The brand believes in using organic and natural ingredients. Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is a perfect example of the same. It has botanical fragrances which do not leave residues behind.


  • Contains organic and natural ingredients
  • Do not leave residues behind
  • 100% safe to use
  • It gives fresh fragrance
  • It is mild and dermatologists approved

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10. The Moms Co Natural Baby Shampoos – 400 ml

Another tear-free, mild cleaning yet gentle formula that you may consider is The Moms Co. Natural Baby Shampoo. It contains a unique blend of coconut bases cleanser and natural piling. The product ensures proper cleansing and nourishment of baby’s soft hair. It is best suitable for sensitive skin. Known for organic Argan Oil presence, this formula ensures the elasticity presence. This is mineral oil-free baby shampoo does not contain any harmful ingredients.


  • Contains natural and organic ingredients
  • Free from mineral oils
  • Helps in hair growth
  • Retains hair moisture; hydrates baby hair
  • Nourish and strengthen your baby’s soft hair
  • Tear-free baby shampoo
  • Toxin-free combination

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11. Nature’s Baby Organics Natural Shampoo and Body Wash for Kids – 236.5 ml

A complete head to toe solution for babies. This natural shampoo and body wash for kids hydrates the skin and hair. It moisturizes them making the skin glow and leaving the hair soft. It comes with a refreshing scent of lavender chamomile. This product contains organic and natural cleansers for hair and skin. It does not contain any kind of harsh chemicals.


  • No-tears formula
  • 100% vegan
  • Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Oat Extract, Shea Butter, Vitamin E
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Parabens-free
  • Allergy tested
  • Useful for hair and skin for gentle-cleansing
  • It retains hair moisture

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12. Rustic Art Coconut Nectar Baby Shampoos – 175 Grams

Rustic Art Baby Shampoo offers better replenishment of the moisture that a tender scalp of the baby requires. It contains certified organic and natural ingredients. It contains coconut nectar, amino proteins, multi-vitamins, and minerals that are good for baby’s hair and scalp. This baby shampoo is free from sulfates, parabens, silicone and toxic chemicals.


  • Handmade and vegan
  • Ideally hydrates baby’s hair
  • Contains organic and natural ingredients
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • 100% safe for babies
  • Ensures that your baby’s scalp remains itch free
  • Mild fragrance

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What are the benefits of using Baby Shampoos?

  • Hair cleaning by removing oil, dirt, dandruff, environmental pollutants, and other contaminant particles
  • Hydrates dry hair; retain moisture of hair and scalp without leaving it so dry
  • Baby shampoos with natural ingredients (such as Amla, Vitamins, Nutrients, etc.) enhance hair growth
  • Keeps hair soft, smooth, and silky
  • Helps in getting rid of scalp itching and irritation
  • Results in thick and heavy hair with good texture

What to look for while buying Baby Shampoos?

There is a huge variety of baby products available in the market. It is confusing for parents to choose the right product for their baby. Below are some of the points to look for while buying the best baby shampoo in India.

  • Mild and gentle on baby’s hair and scalp
  • Tear-free; Non-irritant to eyes
  • Low pH value; pH Balanced
  • Parabens-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It should be sulfate free shampoo; should not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
  • Must contain Vitamins (such as A, B, C, D, and E)
  • Must contain natural ingredients (such as Amla, Protein, Iron, Zinc, Calendula, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, etc.)
  • It should have natural mild fragrance
  • Clinically-proven and tested by Dermatologists
  • Look for expiry date

The certified baby shampoos are a bit expensive as they are specially made considering the baby’s need in mind.

It is advisable to apply or use small quantity initially. If it does not cause any allergy then continue to use the baby shampoo. If it does then consult the Doctor immediately.

List of Best Baby Shampoos in India 2023

In this section, I have provided the list of best baby shampoos in India based on my research.

Baby ShampoosQuantity
1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo400 ml
2. Mamaearth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo for Babies200 ml
3. Sebamed Children’s Shampoo150 ml
4. Johnson’s Baby No More Tears Baby Shampoo500 ml
5. Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo with Fruit Extracts500 ml
6. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo400 ml
7. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Wash230 ml
8. Mom & World Tear-Free Baby Shampoo200 ml
9. Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash473 ml
10. The Moms Co Natural Baby Shampoos400 ml
11. Nature’s Baby Organics Shampoo & Body Wash236.5 ml
12. Rustic Art Coconut Nectar Baby Shampoos175 gms
List of Best Baby Shampoos in India

How to Use or Apply Baby Shampoos?

  • Rinse the hair with warm water
  • Take a coin size dab of baby shampoo in your palm
  • Add few drops of water
  • Lather well
  • Apply gently to baby’s hair using your hand
  • Massage gently on the scalp
  • Rinse with water thoroughly
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • To maintain the product quality, avoid getting water in the product

Final Talk – Best Shampoo for Baby in India 2023

Baby shampoo is an important part of baby bathing. It helps in cleaning the baby’s hair and scalp. Further, it provides the necessary hair nourishment and maintains the moisture. This keeps away dandruff and other skin irritation substances. Thereby, making the hair smooth, shiny, and healthy. The organic and natural ingredients present in the baby shampoo enhances hair growth as well.

Here’s the list of Best Shampoo for Baby in India.

FAQs on Baby Shampoos

Which shampoo is best for newborn babies, infants, and kids?

Baby shampoo that contains organic and natural ingredients are the best. Below are some of the best baby shampoos available in India.
1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo – 400 ml
2. Mamaearth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo for Babies – 200 ml
3. The Moms Co Natural Baby Shampoo – 400 ml
4. Nature’s Baby Organics Natural Shampoo and Body Wash for Kids – 236.5 ml
5. Rustic Art Coconut Nectar Baby Shampoo – 175 Grams

How safe is it to use baby shampoo?

Organic and natural baby shampoos are 100% safe to use. These contain chemical free substances. Always read the product label before purchasing baby care products.

Is it true that baby shampoo is tear-free?

Yes. Majority of the baby shampoos have no-tears formula. Such products are clinically proven and tested by Dermatologists.

Can baby shampoo be used by adults?

Ideally, adults should not use baby shampoo because different people have different hair and scalp requirements. Secondly, the baby shampoos are mild so they may not fulfill or suffice the cleaning requirements. Lastly, adults might have to apply big quantity depending upon the length and texture of the hair.

Is baby shampoo better than regular shampoo?

Yes, of course baby shampoo is better than regular shampoo. Baby shampoo does not contain harsh chemicals, has low pH value, and does not cause eye irritation.

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