Best Baby Teethers in India 2023

What are the best baby teethers available online in India?

Are they safe to use?

Which is the best teether brand for babies in India?

It has been a couple of months since your little munchkin has arrived. So, as a new parent, you have been learning new things now and then. Thus, you are being more confident in taking care of your baby. Look at the below questions for a second.

Can you give baby teethers? When to use the teether for the baby? Which teether is good for babies in India? What is food nibbler? How to use nibbler for a baby? Is food nibbler good for the baby?

Have you found the answers to these questions yet? If yes, then congratulations!! You are doing a great job. If no, then don’t worry since it’s never too late to learn anything. So, find a comfortable place and devote some time to go through this article.

Here’s a list of Best Teether for Baby in India.

Best Teether for Baby in India 2023

This section of the article provides information on best teether for baby in India. Read the reviews and product summaries to make an informed decision.

1. Nuby Soothing Teething Mitten with Hygienic Travel Bag

Nuby is a UAE-based company for baby products. They have received several awards for producing safe baby products. Besides, their 100% BPA-free baby products are very popular amongst parents.

Nuby Soothing Teething Mitten is an innovative baby teether online. Your baby can wear it simply on his or her hand. So, it is ideal for babies who are yet to learn grasping things. Moreover, the soft silicone provides great relief for teething pain. Besides, the mitten prevents the babies from chewing on their hands.

  • Soft silicone material
  • BPA-free
  • Comes with a hygienic bag for travelling
  • Teething surfaces
  • Machine washable

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2. Nuby Teethe-EEZ Soft Silicone Teether with Bristles

Nuby Teethe-EEZ Soft Silicone Teether is another teether by Nuby. It has got a curious shape of a fish. Moreover, it has got some teething surfaces that soothe baby’s gums. Besides, you can use this teether for babies from three months onward.

This silicone teether is very soft and easy to hold. Thus, this baby teether online has got amazing reviews. So, this is one of the best baby teethers online in India.

  • Soft silicone material
  • BPA-free
  • Comes with a hygienic case for carrying
  • Teething surfaces

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3. Mee Mee Multi-Textured Silicone Teether

Mee Mee is a part of the famous 200-crore company called Me n Moms. This brand has gained trust in the market with its safe baby products in India. Besides, all of their baby products have met international standards.

Mee Mee Multi-Textured Silicone Teether has got an attractive look. Moreover, babies can easily hold this teether. Besides, you can easily sterilize this teether.

  • Soft silicone material
  • BPA-free
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Textured surface

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4. Fisher-Price Sweet Corn Silicon Teether

Fisher-Price needs no introduction to anyone. This company has been selling toys for babies since 1930. Besides toys, the brand is also into other baby products. Fisher-Price Sweet Corn Silicone Teether is one of the most cute-looking teethers online in India.

This silicone teether has an adorable look. Besides, it comes with velvet husks that make it easy for babies to catch. It looks like peeled corn.

  • Soft silicone material
  • Textured surface
  • Works as a rattle also

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5. Funskool Giggles Fruit Teethers

Funskool is another popular brand for baby products in India. Moreover, their products are safe to use for babies. Funskool Giggles Fruit Teether meets the safety standard of A 71 AND ASTM F963. So, this is one of the best baby teethers in India.

This Funskool teether comes as a key rattle. So, it is fun for the babies to hold and chew on them. Besides, the non-PVC teether gives the parents complete peace of mind.

  • Non-PVC material
  • Non-toxic
  • Works as a rattle
  • Teething surface

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6. Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teethers

Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teether is a product by Munchkin Inc. This is a USA-based company for baby products. They have been manufacturing unique and quality products for more than 20 years.

Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teether is a gel-filled teether. It is available in attractive colors.  The brand claims that the parents can use this teether for newborns. The best way to use this gel-based teether is to refrigerate it before using it. This baby teether is one of the best baby teethers in India. Yet, it has received mixed reviews.

  • Gel-filled teether
  • Soft Silicone material
  • BPA-free
  • Available in fun shapes

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7. Pigeon Cooling Teethers

Pigeon is one of the most popular baby products brands in India. This company has received India’s Best Company Award 2018. So, the trust and popularity of this brand have doubled up since then.

Pigeon Cooling Teether is a gel-filled teether. So, you need to refrigerate the teether before using it. Yet, you can give it to your baby to play even when he is not teething. The gel contains sterilized water. So, it is safe to use this teether for babies.

  • BPA-free
  • Gel-filled teether

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8. Wishkey Baby BPA-Free Silicone Food Nibbler for Fruit and Veggie with Rattle Handle

Wishkey baby care products are popular baby products online in India. Wishkey Baby’s BPA-Free Food Nibbler is unique. It comes with a rattle handle. So, this food nibbler is quite fun for the babies to use. Besides, it is one of the most easy-to-hold baby teethers.

This rattle food nibbler is ideal for any food like fruits, veggies, and meats. Moreover, you can even use the nipple as a pacifier. All in all, this food nibbler is a useful baby product.

  • Nipple Material- Soft Silicone
  • Feeder Material- BPA-free Plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to sterilize
  • Works as a rattle
  • Safe buckle for tight sealing

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9. Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food Nibblers with Extra Mesh

Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food Nibbler with anti-choking design. So its sieve allows only tiny parts to go through the mesh. Moreover, it is easy for babies to hold this silicone food nibbler.

You can put any type of food in this food nibbler. It encourages babies to learn self-feeding. Besides, you can put ice in this food nibbler and use it as a teether. All in all, this food nibbler has got good reviews online in India.

  • Nipple Material – Soft Silicone
  • Feeder Material- Food-grade Plastic
  • BPA-free
  • Non-toxic material

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10. Mee Mee Fruit and Food Nibblers with Silicone Sack

Mee Mee Fruit and Food Nibbler is a useful baby product. This food nibbler is FDA-approved. So, you can trust this food nibbler as safety is concerned. Moreover, this nibbler is convenient for babies to use.

This reputed-brand promises quality products. So, like all other baby products of Mee Mee, this food nibbler also is of good quality. Besides, this nibbler comes with a cap that makes it easy to carry it anywhere. All in all, this is one of the best food nibblers online.

  • Nipple Material – Soft Silicone
  • Feeder Material- Food-grade Plastic
  • Comes with a cap

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11. Ariro Neem Wood Teethers

Ariro Neem wood teether is an organic baby teether. So, this is 100% safe teether for your baby. Moreover, it has neem wood. So, it has anti-bacterial properties. It is also anti-fungal. Thus it is one of the best wooden baby teethers in India.

The best thing about this teether is that it has got the goodness of nature. Besides, it is easy to hold. But, your baby may not like it after using a plastic or silicone baby teether. So, give it to your baby before giving him or her any other teether.

  • 100% organic
  • Material: Neem wood
  • Comes in a small bag

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What is a Baby Teether?

A baby teether is a toy that comforts a baby’s gums during teething. Babies get a soothing feeling when they chew on the teethers. Since teething is a painful experience for your baby, teethers provide great relief. So, a teether is a soother for babies. The baby teether toys come in various shapes and materials.

How do I know if my baby is teething?

You need to be careful and watch out for certain symptoms. You will know your baby is teething if below symptoms occur.

  • Your baby’s biting has increased. So, your baby is biting his or her toys and fingers.
  • Your baby’s appetite has reduced.
  • There are rashes around your baby’s mouth.
  • Baby getting irritated quickly.
  • Your baby finds it difficult to sleep.
  • Your baby might get fever or diarrhea in some cases.

As a parent, you can detect the teething period in your baby without much effort. Yet, it is always better to consult a doctor to get this confirmed.

Why do Babies need Teethers?

There are some benefits to using baby teethers. They are:

  • Teethers provide comfort from teething pain.
  • Teethers encourage in tongue movement and this helps babies to learn to babble.
  • Babies love sucking things. So, they start putting everything in their mouths. Thus, teethers can be safe options for this.
  • Teethers act as soothers during tense situations like taking injection or feeling hungry.

Are Teethers Safe for Babies?

Teethers are safe for babies to use as long as they do not contain BPA. Besides, teethers that are free from Parabens are also safe for babies. In short, teethers that do not contain any harmful chemicals are good to use. So, you need to choose the best baby teether for babies.

Yet, one important thing to remember is freezing teethers will be hard for your baby. So, do not freeze the teethers. Instead, refrigerate them before using them.

What are Baby Teethers made of?

You can find baby teethers online of various materials.

  • Plastic – Plastic teethers are of BPA-free plastics. Yet, some prefer to avoid them due to the presence of PVC and other chemicals.
  • Natural Rubber – Natural rubber teethers for babies are safe to use. Rubber teethers are of 100% natural rubber.
  • Natural Wood – Wood teethers can contain maple or other natural woods. These baby teethers are safe to use for babies.
  • Organic Cotton – Organic cotton teethers are of organic muslin cloths. Since they are 100% organic, these baby teethers have no side effects.
  • Food-grade Silicon – The food-grade silicon in silicon teethers are safe to use. Moreover, it is a non-toxic teether that is free from all types of chemicals. Also, silicon teethers do not have any sharp edges. Thus, it is one of the best baby teethers.
  • Food-grade Plastic – Food-grade plastic teethers are BPA-free teethers. Besides, they are free from PVC. So, these safe teethers are perfect for babies.

Are Gel-filled Baby Teethers Safe?

There are some gel-filled teethers or teething rings in the market. The gel is a mixture of glycerine and saltwater. It can be also sterilized water. So, gel-filled teethers are safe for babies. Yet, you should check that the gel does not spill out as your baby may get choked.

How to Buy Best Baby Teethers in India?

You can find baby teethers online in various shapes and types. There are baby rattles teethers and baby key teethers that are fun for babies to play with. Likewise, you can buy baby gel teethers. There are also different types of food nibblers online. You can buy any type of teethers or nibblers including baby teething rings online. But you need to buy BPA-free products for your baby. So, just follow these simple tips.

  • Avoid toxic chemicals while buying teethers or food nibblers online in India.
  • Do not go for teething rings with small parts. Teething rings with beads or small parts may look good. But, they may be dangerous for your baby.
  • Make sure to check the cap of the food nibbler. It should close tightly to avoid spilling.

Best Teething Toys for Babies in India 2023

In this section, I have provided a list of best teething toys for babies in India based on my research.

Best Teething ToysMaterialSuitable Age
1. Nuby Soothing Teething MittenSoft Silicone3+ Months
2. Nuby Teethe-EEZ Soft Silicone TeetherSoft Silicone3+ Months
3. Mee Mee Multi-Textured Silicone TeetherSoft Silicone0 – 2 Years
4. Fisher-Price Sweet Corn Silicon TeetherSoft Silicone3 – 12 Months
5. Funskool Giggles Fruit TeetherNon PVC3+ Months
6. Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy TeetherSoft Silicone3+ Months
7. Pigeon Cooling TeetherSoft Silicone4 – 18 Months
8. Wishkey Baby BPA-Free Silicone Food NibblerSoft Silicone6 – 12 Months
9. Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food NibblerSoft Silicone6+ Months
10. Mee Mee Fruit and Food NibblerSoft Silicone0 – 2 Years
11. Ariro Neem Wood TeetherNeem Wood3+ Months
List of Best Teething Toys for Babies in India

What is a Food Nibbler?

Food nibbler is the best tool to introduce solid food to your baby. A food nibbler comes with a nipple, cap, and a feeder. So, you just need to put whole fruit or other solids in the feeder and seal it with the cap. That’s it! Your baby will suck the tiny parts of the food with the help of the nipple.

Are Food Nibblers Safe for Babies?

Food nibblers prevent your baby from getting choked. Besides, just like any other baby products, you need to check the material of a nibbler. If the nibbler is of safe material (BPA-free), then you can go for it.

What is the use of a Food Nibbler?

A food nibbler has many benefits for babies. Here they are:

  • Introducing solids to babies.
  • Give a feeling of mealtime to babies.
  • Helps in teething to some extends. But, you need to use chilled food for that.

What are Food Nibblers made of?

A food nibbler consists of a nipple, cap, and a feeder.


There are two types of nipples available for the food nibblers.

  • Soft Mesh Nipple – This is a net bag made of safe nylons.
  • Semi-soft Pacifier Nipple – These are of two types.
    • Natural Silicone – If the nipple of the food nibbler is of silicone, it is safe to use.
    • Natural Rubber – If you are buying a food nibbler of rubber, please make sure it is a natural rubber only.


BPA free plastic material.


The feeder of the food nibbler can be of the following materials.

  • Plastic – If you are going for a plastic food nibbler, ensure that it is BPA-free.
  • Food-grade Plastic – As stated earlier, Food-grade plastic is safe to use as a material for baby products.

Final Talk – Best Teether for Babies in India 2023

As shown above, you can buy baby teethers online in India but make sure it is safe. Likewise, you can buy food nibblers online that are non-toxic. So, make sure to check the product details before buying anything online. Are you still confused with which teether to buy or which nibbler to choose?

Here’s list of Best Teether for Babies in India.

FAQs on Baby Teethers / Food Nibblers

At what age do babies need teethers?

In general, babies start teething when they are 4 to 5 months old. Yet, baby teething age may also depend on genetics. So, it may vary from child to child. But, you can invest in teethers when your baby is 4 months old.

Will teething stop my baby from eating?

Although the loss of appetite is seen during teething you need to offer food. At the same time, make sure that your baby’s fluid intake is sufficient.

What is the best natural remedy for baby teething pain?

You can use frozen baby food for teething pain. Ground cloves, ginger root powder, vanilla extract are also helpful. Besides, you can give your baby a warm bath to get relief from the pain.

How do you clean baby teethers?

You can hand-wash teethers with liquid soap and warm water. Also, you can mix equal quantity of water and vinegar to clean the baby teethers.

Can you boil baby teethers?

Yes, you can boil baby teethers. For this, you can bring the water to the boiling point. Then, add the baby teethers and let it boil for a few minutes. Next, let the baby teethers cool down. Once they are cool, wipe them and either refrigerate or give them to your baby.

What can I put in a mesh feeder?

You can start with fruits. So, you can put chunks of banana, grapes, watermelon, and apple, etc. Besides, you can put cooked vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Also, you can put frozen breast milk in the mesh feeder.

Is ice good for teething babies?

Ice is good for teething pain. So, you can use ice in a mesh feeder or food nibbler for your baby.

When can I give my baby a nibbler?

You should not give food nibbler to young infants. So, wait until your baby turns 6 months old.

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