Best Sofa Sets in India 2023

Are you looking for best sofa sets in India? Planning to buy sofa set for your home… read our buying guide on sofa sets, couches, love seats. We have already done the research for you.

This guide also contains a list of Top-rated and Best-selling Sofa Sets Couches Love Seats in India.

Sofa sets are the first thing that comes to mind while renovating the interiors of the drawing room. A sofa is eccentric to your living area and other decor items are placed according to it.

While buying sofa set online in India, one must go for the most contemporary or latest design according to your taste. But the most important feature one must look into is comfort. It will be appreciated by the guest for its look as well as the comfort level. It should be huge enough to accommodate your friends and family who visit you frequently.

The best sofa sets are the ones which are easy to maintain, water-resistant and have large seating. Once you buy high quality sofa set online, it becomes a stagnant piece of furniture that last many years. Don’t indulge in buying a cheap sofa chair as they do not last for a long time. So, select and invest in a sofa set wisely. The quality of the furniture depends on high-quality material used.

Also, consider the budget of the sofa before searching for a good option. It’s fortunate that some online stores provide options by paying monthly EMI installments.

Best Sofa Sets Couches Love Seats in India 2023

This section provides information on Best Sofa Sets Couches Love Seats in India. Along with, features, product summaries, Pros & Cons are provided as well.

#1. Uberlyfe Jute Fabric Washable Cover Sofa cum Bed (Dark Grey)

[amazon box=”B07WRBV7XJ”]

#2. FurnitureKraft Three-Seater Sofa cum Bed with Mattress (Brown)

[amazon box=”B078VPRZ55″]

#3. Adorn India Almond Three-Seater Sofa cum Bed (Black & Camel)

[amazon box=”B01MYCN97R”]

#4. CasaStyle CasaLiving Three-Seater Sofa Sets (Grey & Black)

[amazon box=”B07VRD7497″]

#5. Amazon Brand Solimo Bliss Leatherette Three-Seater Sofa Sets (Brown)

[amazon box=”B07RG6YHTS”]

#6. Furny Chapman L-Shape Sofa Sets (Grey)

[amazon box=”B07CB8JX78″]

#7. Bharat Lifestyle Cosmo Plus Fabric L-Shape Acacia Wood Sofa Sets (Black Grey)

[amazon box=”B072HK8W93″]

#8. Furny Santa Clara Five-Seater Sectional Interchangeable Sofa Sets (Grey)

[amazon box=”B07RP6KFRD”]

#9. Furny Bellino L-Shape Corner Sofa Sets (Dark Blue)

[amazon box=”B07JG1KV2W”]

#10. Home Centre Montoya Love Seat Sofa Sets (Beige)

[amazon box=”B07TC3PQBZ”]

#11. Amazon Brand Solimo Newport Leatherette One-Seater Sofa (Black)

[amazon box=”B07RG6ZCZ5″]

Is it Recommended to Buy a Sofa Set Online?

While selecting a wooden sofa or a metal one, it is convenient and safe to buy sofa set online. There are numerous sofa set designs but buy the one that fits best in your house. It is really easy to buy best furniture in India through websites with just few clicks of a mouse. Home delivery and POD (payment on delivery) or online payments are other benefits that you can avail.

While searching sofa set online in India, you can grab some discounts and cut the best deal. Thus, a coveted sofa with a hefty discount and brand value will be a prized possession for a long time.

Types of Sofa Sets Available in India

The second name for a sofa is a relaxing seat. Many types of the sofa set online are available depending on the design and price range of the sofa. Traditional or contemporary sofas with three seats look outdated nowadays. 

There is a variety of material that is used in designing a sofa set with high quality. Of Course, one can buy sofa set online India from a well-known brand. However, it’s more convenient to first assess your needs and characteristics that you are looking for. Different types of sofa set designs are categorized by the number of seats, size, material, durability and its back-shape. Different materials like leather, leatherette, jute or cloth fabric are popular these days.

Straight back, high back or camel back sofa present in your living room will enliven the space.

Here is a guide to learn about the basic types of sofa sets:-

1. Sofa Sets

It is a contemporary style sofa with different seating options. The three-seat sofa is the most popular for ages. They come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. It is a popular office sofa design.


2. L-Shaped or Corner Sofa

As name suggests, L-shape sofa is a corner sofa set that has sectionals in the seats. It allows for changing the arrangement when required.


3. Inflatable Sofa

This type is a single seat sofa or two seater that is suitable for a tiny house or a less spacious house. This is a portable sofa ideal for camping trips or picnic. This sofa cum bed can be a great gift for the kids of the house.


4. Love Seat Sofa

The love seat is a bench style two seater sofa which allows a couple to sit closer to each other. It has a wooden frame construction with a comfortable cushion for support.


5. Sofa-cum-Bed

Sofa cum bed design is a space saving furniture essential for an urban home. It has multi utilities when your guests arrive for a sleepover.


6. Futons

Futons are Japanese bedding/padded mattress. They are two in one functioning, can be used as a floor bed or a recliner sofa set.


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Best Affordable Sofa Sets in India

In this section, I have provided a list of Best Affordable Sofa Sets in India based on my research.

List of Sofa SetsWarranty
1. Uberlyfe Jute Fabric Washable Cover Sofa cum Bed (Dark Grey)1 Year
2. FurnitureKraft Three-Seater Sofa cum Bed with Mattress (Brown)3 Years
3. Adorn India Almond Three-Seater Sofa cum Bed (Black & Camel)3 Years
4. CasaStyle CasaLiving Three-Seater Sofa Sets (Grey & Black)1 Year
5. Amazon Brand Solimo Bliss Three-Seater Sofa Sets (Brown)3 Years
6. Furny Chapman L-Shape Sofa Sets (Grey)1 Year
7. Bharat Lifestyle Cosmo Plus L-Shape Sofa Sets (Black Grey)1 Year
8. Furny Santa Clara Five-Seater Sectional Sofa Sets (Grey)1 Year
9. Furny Bellino L-Shape Corner Sofa Sets (Dark Blue)1 Year
10. Home Centre Montoya Love Seat Sofa Sets (Beige)1 Year
11. Amazon Brand Solimo Newport One-Seater Sofa (Black)3 Years
Best Affordable Sofa Sets in India

Best Sofa Brands in India

There are many best sofa set brands in India that provide high quality and beautiful range of sofa sets online in India. One can purchase these brands right from your home with a few mouse clicks.

Read our section on what factors to look for while buying sofa sets online in India.

  • Godrej Interio
  • Durian
  • Home Center
  • Nilkamal
  • Royal Oak
  • Furny
  • Urban Ladder
  • Pepper Fry
  • Amazon Brand
  • Furniture Kraft

Factors to consider while buying Sofa Sets in India

Look at the factors mentioned in this section before buying sofa sets online in India. These will help you choosing the perfect sofa for your home.

  • Sofa Size as per your living or drawing room size
  • Comfort
  • Price / Budget
  • Robust Construction (Wooden or Metal frame)
  • Color
  • Fabric Material (Leather, Leatherette, Thick Cotton Cloth, Jute, etc.)
  • Easy to Move (Lightweight)
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain
  • Number of Seats (Three-seater or Two-seater)
  • Brand Reputation
  • Delivery Charges

How to Clean and Maintain a Sofa Set?

Sofa cleaning can be a tedious task. Dust sticks to the fabric or leather that covers the sofa. But don’t let stains and dust cramp the style of your sofa. Don’t overlook the spills as a few bad stains will ruin the overall look of your classic leather sofa. So, clean it properly.

Here are some sofa cleaning tips for leather sofas and other fabric sofa:

  1. A cleaning solution is prepared with equal parts of vinegar solution and water. A soft cloth dipped in this solution can clean the leather sofa.
  2. Vacuum cleaning of sofa removes loose dust particles accumulated in the corners.
  3. Dry brush is an essential part of removing dust particles from jute sofa covers.
  4. Tough stains need extra care as they may spoil the look if left untreated. Rub the stains with baking soda and wipe clean with a damp cloth. It can be vacuumed after sprinkling baking powder on the stain for a few minutes.

Sofa Set Accessories

Sofa cushions are an important accessory, made from textured or satin silk fabric, which provides a pleasing balance to a plain looking sofa. It even adds to the comfort of the sofa as they are warm backrest that keeps you cozy.

Buying accessories for a smart metal sofa set and wooden sofa is highly affordable and makes your room lively. Placing some quirky colored throws or cushions on a sofa can always add intensity to your room.

Placing back covers and armrest covers keep the sofa clean and protect them from dust accumulating on them. So, protect your sofa by searching sofa set covers online and ordering them right away.

Final Talk – Best Sofa Sets for Living Room in India

Your dream home deserves the best. It should have the best furniture to enhance its beauty and match your style. Keeping this in mind, we have done the research and provided the list of best sofa sets in this article.

Go through the list of best sofa set brands, factors to look for while buying sofa set in India. Along with, read the product reviews to make an informed decision.

Here’s a list of Best Sofa Sets for Living Room in India.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Sofa Sets

Which wood is best suited for the construction of the sofa set?

Hardwoods like maple and oak are good for sofa construction due to their high durability.

Which cloth material is good for a sofa?

Sofas are good with cotton, jute or leather. It depends on your budget and the wears and tears that your sofa has to withstand.

What is the average life of a sofa?

A sofa can last up to 7 to 10 years if used with care.

Is L-shaped sofa a good buy?

The L-shaped sofa is a good buy for a small living room with limited space. It gives a modern look to an ideal home.

Which is the right time to replace your sofa?

When the seats stop lending support, they are on the verge to replace. When the fabric gets spoiled and stains all over, and the frame also gets bad in shape, it is the right time to go sofa set online shopping India.

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